My favourite makes

Here’s a post I’ve been thinking about for a good long while. I really enjoying reading posts about the wearability of the garments we make – what I mean is a reflection on which of our makes we wear all the time and which ones never see the light of day (and for what reason). It’s lovely to see freshly made garments and how happy (or not) the seamstress is with it but I think it’s also good to hear someone’s opinion on that garment after they’ve been wearing it for a while. Personally, I often re-read my finished project posts a while later and have changed my mind on a few things. So here we are – a review of my favourite makes as well as a couple that have fallen by the wayside!

  • First up is my absolute favourite of all time – Vogue 1194
My favourite dress - Vogue 1194

My favourite dress – Vogue 1194

…. made up in viscose/lycra jersey. It’s by far my most worn make and I wear it a couple of times a week in winter. I’m a big fan of dress/tights/boots when it’s cold so this is perfect. It’s so comfortable but so stylish too. I’m planning to make another one in bamboo jersey (a bit of drape is a must for this design) but probably next winter.

McCall's 5525

…. this is such a great jacket for the mild climate here in Crete. I’ve worn it so much and I still adore the colour. My only problem is that I used a bad quality lining and I need to do some repairs!

Butterick 5562


…. these two tops have been really useful perhaps because they’re not clingy or form fitting so my post pregnancy self feels more comfortable in them.

Vogue 8379

…. I’ve worn this one a lot as it’s been a useful throw on dress that has accommodated pregnancy/breastfeeding figure changes. I’m not really that happy with it – the waist is annoyingly high which is amazing as I’m very short waisted – but it’s useful all the same. I’m going to make another one and lower the waist seam because apart from it being annoying when it’s too high, I’ve realised that seams at my natural waist are not flattering at all on me and just a touch lower looks so much better.

HotPatterns and Peachy Beachy Cover-up - refashioned from a bathrobe!

HotPatterns and Peachy Beachy Cover-up – refashioned from a bathrobe!

Now onto those that I don’t wear.

  • Here is my beloved Hot Pattern Uptown Downtown dress (can you tell that I love HotPatterns!) made up in the most scrumtious purple viscose jersey. Whyever don’t you wear it I hear you cry! That colour looks great on you! Yes, I know, I adore the colour and the idea of the dress but it has one problem – the neckline does not stay smooth as in the photo when I’m wearing it. It bunches up, I spend the whole time fiddling with it and it drives me crazy. So this lovely dress is destined for the refashioning pile 😦 But if anyone knows of any way to save it before I cut it up and use the fabric on another project, then let me know!


  • Another dress I never wear is Vogue 1179. It’s a great dress but red is just not my colour. I don’t think it suits me and so don’t feel at all comfortable wearing such an eye-catching dress. I will make it again though soon as it’s a fun adn easy dress to make.


So that’s it! Well, there are a few other things I’ve made but I’ll save them for another time. I hope you enjoyed reading my little review!

And as a final note – Karen if you’re reading, I wear my apron ALL THE TIME! I love it!

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