Named Leini Dress …..Part 1

Ok, now, here I’m going to show you my first version of Named Patterns Leini dress. I made it up as a test version in cotton lawn. I’ve since made it up in a gorgeous viscose lawn but I’ll show you that in a bit (when I’ve sorted out the photos). So, the pattern. Named Patterns is one of those pattern companies (as well as Papercut and Victory patterns among others) that I like their style and their patterns seem fresh and edgy but I’m really not sure that I could actually pull off any of their stuff. So I was happy when I found this dress and could immediately imagine myself wearing it. It seemed simple and quick but still stylish which at this point in time is really the only sewing I can manage.

Here we are looking a little windswept

Here we are looking a little windswept

Angry face (who knows why)

Angry face (who knows why)

I love the pleats on the front bodice and I think it’s a cute dress overall. Since these photos (which was the maiden outing of this little Leini) I’ve ripped out the elastic casing and will resew it folded down into the skirt instead of up into the bodice, if that makes sense. In other words the elastic casing will be 1/2″ lower.

Cute ladybird!

Cute ladybird!

This brings me on to the alterations I made. Apart from lowering that elastic casing, I also lengthened the bodice so that the elastic would hover around my high hip/tummy button as I find it’s much more flattering than having it hit at my natural waist. I’m pretty short waisted, well compared to patterns anyway. I also took out a bit of flare from the skirt and shortened the skirt an inch or so. This was because my fabric has no drape whatsoever and it looked awful!  I suspected that a drapey viscose would work much better and I was right. Much, much better. The result is that I’m not that pleased with this version and really it’s too short for my liking now. I should have lined the skirt too – the bodice is lined per pattern and it’s much nicer. Anyway, I doubt I’ll wear this much but it did it’s job as a test and I’m happy I made it.

The other alterations I made were lowering the neckline slightly, sway back and a low round back alterations to accomodate my shoulder blades/rounded back. This last alteration is one I learnt from Craftsy’s Back, Neck and Shoulders course and make use of darts. I’ve always been a bit scared of darts and messing with them but Kathleen Cheetham is very encouraging in a very practical, done to earth kind of way. I’m really happy with the alteration I made here because it doesn’t create gaping at the back neck that is a bit of a problem with my Vogue 1236 dresses.

So that’s it for this version. I can’t wait to show you the viscose version!

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