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Fabric fabric fabric! I always enjoy looking at fabric other people have been getting so I thought I’d show you a few bits I’ve managed to get my hands on over the past few months! Here we go….. on the left above is viscose twill lining and on the right is viscose dress weight lining (both from Stone Fabrics). In the middle is the most gorgeous stretch cotton twill from Ditto Fabrics. I love love love it – it’s my absolute favourite colour and the quality is supreme.

Here’s what I’m planning to make – a very chic trench coat from the October 2012 La Mia Boutique. I fell in love with this pattern the minute I saw it and knew it would be perfect for my beloved cotton twill. I don’t speak Italian but I’ve already made one trench coat so I think that’ll help and it’s a fun way to learn a bit of Italian too. I’m not going to do the piping as I think it’d be lost on my fabric and I don’t fancy a lighter contrasting piping so that will make construction even easier.

I haven’t quite decided which side of the lining to use – it has a purpley side and then a slightly lighter, pinkier side.

Next up is a lovely drapey viscose (also from Ditto) in a beautiful heathery purple. I’m thinking some kind of summer dress but not really sure on the pattern yet. On the left is some white silk habotai lining.

Here we’ve got a good few children’s fabrics for me to make some cute outfit for the kiddies. The smaller pieces are all hard-to-find ribbing I’ll use for cuffs and necklines and the three on the botton are sweatshirting. The ribbing and the blue piece are from Dots N Stripes and the bottom two are from Ditto. The fabric from Dots N Stripes are all 100% cotton and fabulously soft. The ditto fabric has lycra and seems to stretch more on the lengthwise grain – I’ve never seen that before… is that common? I guess I’ll have to be careful with pattern layout for those ones to make sure I get the stretch where I want it.

These are both jerseys – about a metre or so of each. On the left is viscose and on the right is a heavy-ish cotton interlock. Something pretty for my daughter or my niece is the plan here.

That’s it for fabric but I also got some 100% rayon grosgrain ribbon from Stone Fabrics for waist stays and zip guards. The woman I dealt with was fantastic and I left it to her to chose the colours and I’m very pleased with them. I received excellent service from Stone, Ditto and Dots N Stripes and they all have great quality stuff.

So that’s it! I love day-dreaming about all the things I’m going to make and feeling inspired by all this lovely fabric. Now I just have to find the time to actually sew some of it!


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