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Apronalong – Butterick 4087 Retro Apron

Isn’t sewing fantastic? Even the simplest of projects can make you as proud as punch.

I absolutely adore my apron and it was such fun to sew too. Well done Karen for organising the Apronalong……. indeed, if she hadn’t, this poor little pattern would still be languishing in my stash and I would be apronless. I’ve had this pattern (Butterick 4087) for a good 10 years and amazingly this is the same fabric I bought back then with the pattern with the intention of making up a lovely retro apron. Well 10 years later, here it is and I think I did a much better job sewing it than I would have back then so maybe it was all for the best!

Let me gush over the details…….

Gold ric rac!

Beautiful on the inside too ……. gold polka dot ribbon; ties and waistband lined with sheeting in a warm cream colour (I interfaced the waistband too to give it a little extra support)

Seam finish on the lower section and bias tape finish a la Amanda

So, there we are. The cutest little apron for miles around.

By the way, I’m wearing my all time favourite dress – Vogue 1194 made up in viscose/lycra jersey. I highly recommend it to anyone who wants a comfortable but stylish dress – I practically live in mine in winter (take a look at my review on Pattern Review) and plan on making up another one very very soon.

PJ Party!

Here are my PJs!!! Ok, I’m not wearing them and jumping up and down on my bed but I think you’ll forgive me just this once – in spirit I’m there! Plus, they don’t technically fit me very well at the moment because of my growing tummy but in August they will I’m sure. Fingers crossed anyway!

Karen cunningly threw a giveaway into the mix as an incentive to finish our PJs and I’m glad she did because I would have almost certainly fallen by the wayside on this one. But here they are – PJ trousers from Burda World of Fashion Magazine (as it was then) 12/2006 Model 125.

This is the first time I’ve attempted anything resembling trousers and it was great as a first step. I consider this version a test of the pattern really – I was very very slovenly in my sewing. It reminded me of when I first started sewing and cut a lot of corners! I must say though that I prefer the way I sew now – I enjoy it more and the end product is much better….. I am a perfectionist so I guess that shouldn’t really surprise me! Anyway, back to the PJ – it’s a cute little pattern and I’ll definitely play around and experiment with it in the future.

I made a few changes too. Firstly, I shortened them to knee level and therefore I didn’t add the cuff at the hem along with piping that the pattern called for. I did this to save time really but also I want to be able to wear them in the heat of the summer here. Also, I took inspiration from a pair of PJs I’ve already got and I added elastic at the back and a drawstring at the front. This for me is the most comfortable I think and you get the best of both worlds. Don’t ask me how I did it though because ‘I just bodged it’ would be the answer! I will work out a better way to do it for version 2 that’s for sure.

Anyway, I’m happy with my PJs and it was fun to sew-along with Karen.  So, thank you Karen for organising our little party!


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