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Vintage Sorbetto



Hello everyone. Here’s another of the things I made last year – Colette Sorbetto. I can’t really remember what pushed me to make up the pattern but I’m glad I did. I’ve worn it a lot and I’m amazed at how much I love wearing it. Really it shouldn’t be a surprise if I think about it – before now, I’ve never owned a well fitting woven top – everything falls off the back of my shoulders and is tight across the upper back. So now I realise that that is why I always revert to knit tops. No more!  This fits great and is so light, airy and forgiving. After having two babies I don’t want things clinging in all the wrong places!!

The fabric I used is pretty dear to me too – it was my granny’s. I’m guessing that she bought it in the 60s or perhaps 70s when she used to sew and then it never got used. She had to stop sewing because of health problems and I only now realise how sad that must have been for her. I’m sure I got my love of sewing (and crafting in general) in great part from her and I’m happy I could use her fabric to make a top that I love to wear.


I made quite a few alterations – take a look at the back pattern piece:

BACK pattern

I inserted a CB seam and really went to town on the high round back (about 1 1/2″). I’m glad I did because it was a fitting revelation – I’d been trying out only 1/2″ or so before now and was feeling frustrated as it wasn’t really making much difference to the fit (as I mentioned in my last post I’ve changed my technique a little bit now but this was definitely a bit of a fitting turning point for me. I’ll show you the next fitting experiments on my next dress that I have to show you!). I also broadened the back a bit, altered for my sway back and made a forward shoulder alteration too. I was really pleased with the result.

Back view

On the front, as you’ve probably noticed, I lowered the neckline quite a bit. I think it takes away the 60s feel of the original a bit but that this neckline is much more flattering on me. I also shortened the dart by an inch or so.

Neckline close-up

I also added bra carriers (a trick I learned on Craftsy’s Couture dress class but I’m sure you could google it) as I do now with all my tops and dresses – I can’t believe I lived without this trick for so long! I love the feeling of everything being anchored in the right place.

If you look back at the back pattern piece you can see that I also added shirt tail shaping to the hem. I actually chopped off the bottom of my Tiny Pocket Tank pattern (Tiny Pocket Tank is definitely on my woven tank sewing list …along with a sleeveless Sewaholic Pendrell but I’m having upper chest fitting issues with the former, which is weird for me, so I’ve shelved it for a bit) and stuck it on here. I love shirt tail hems and I think it looks lovely here.

So that’s it. A great pattern and a great basic.



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